Teacher Resources

Explorations: The Intervention Solution provides detailed, robust support for teachers, from getting started to pacing guides for flexible instructional delivery.

Getting Started

Getting Started: The Intervention Resource is our comprehensive guide for teachers on how to use the program flexibly.

It provides:

  • A range of collaborative activities to encourage participation and discussion, and to support students who may not be ready for independent reading
  • Activities for vocabulary and language development that build academic language and vocabulary
  • Pacing charts for using the program in a variety of situations

Assess to Inform Instruction


Each developmental Set in the program contains an Assessment Pack to support teachers with the placement of students and also to track progress during the teaching and learning cycle.

Regular opportunities for student discussion and reflection also allow teachers to observe students’ understanding of content, concepts, and strategies. In addition, student self-assessment is embedded throughout the program.

Each Assessment Pack contains:

  • Assessment Manual—a detailed resource that guides teachers with placing students, managing the program, and using assessment to inform instruction
  • Reading Strategy Assessment Cards—three cards at different levels inform the teacher of the skills and strategies that students use or neglect when reading informational texts
  • Locating and Using Information Cards—three cards at different levels assess the students’ ability to locate, use, and understand the diverse visual elements of informational texts.

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The Explorations: The Intervention Solution USB provides digital versions of the Model the Strategy poster and Supported Practice cards. These high-quality digital versions further break down the short texts into digestible portions followed by graphic organizer prompts.

The USB also includes flexible access to all of the instructional resources. It includes the following printable resources to support each lesson:

  • Graphic organizers
  • Self-assessment sheets
  • Follow-up activities
  • Vocabulary activities
  • Class checklist

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Lesson Plans

Explorations: The Intervention Solutionis an intervention program based on the gradual release of responsibility model of instruction.

Instruction features focused mini-lessons, demonstrations, and discussions to promote problem-solving and reflective thinking.

The Lesson Plan for each Topic Unit provides a structured framework and explicit instruction to promote the comprehension of informational text.

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