Program Components

Each component of Explorations: The Intervention Solution is designed to follow the Assessment, Teaching, and Learning Cycle.

Assess to Inform Instruction

Each developmental Set in the program contains an Assessment Pack to support teachers with the placement of students and also to track progress during the teaching and learning cycle.

Regular opportunities for student discussion and reflection also allow teachers to observe students’ understanding of content, concepts, and strategies.
In addition, student self-assessment is embedded throughout the program.

Each Assessment Pack contains:

  • Assessment Manual — a detailed resource that guides teachers with placing students, managing the program, and using assessment to inform instruction
  • Reading Strategy Assessment Cards — three cards at different levels inform the teacher of the skills and strategies that students use or neglect when reading informational texts
  • Locating and Using Information Cards—three cards at different levels assess the students’ ability to locate, use and understand the diverse visual elements of informational texts.

Ongoing Assessment

Formative assessments are found throughout each resource for planning and informing instruction.

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Plan for Effective Instruction

The comprehensive resources of the program and the unique design of each Set of Topic Units make it easy for the interventionist to plan for instruction according to the needs of the students in each group.

The assessment and teaching resources allow the teacher to:

  • Differentiate instruction by choosing a developmentally appropriate Set based on reading levels of the students
  • Select a Topic Unit from the choices offered in each Set, with content that will motivate students to read and learn more about a particular STEM or social studies subject
  • Plan for instruction using the comprehensive Lesson Plan packaged with each Topic Unit.

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Deliver Targeted Intervention

The Benefits of the Gradual Release Model to Intervention and ELL Students

  • Explicit modeling of talking aloud and thinking aloud, with partner talk and whole group discussions, provides students with opportunities to develop their thinking and supports deeper comprehension.
  • Students are provided with a conceptual model before they are asked to perform independently

Model the Strategy Poster

Uses a shared reading approach and the teacher “thinks aloud” to model and make explicit the process of reading the shared text. Choose the print poster included in each unit or the fully interactive digital presentation on the USB included in the Set.

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Supported Practice Cards

Working with a Partner Cards address the need for supported practice and revisit the strategies modeled earlier. Students can work in pairs or in small groups with teacher support.

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Independent Practice Cards

Students work individually with one of the Independent Practice texts, which are at three levels of difficulty and feature a different, but related, short text. Students may work independently or with teacher support if appropriate.

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Extend and Support

Six copies of a full-length book have been included for independent reading at the end of the unit. This title matches the unit’s main concept. If necessary, students are encouraged to read and respond in various ways.

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