Explorations: The Intervention Solution

About Explorations: The Intervention Solution

Tier 2 and ELL Intervention that promotes accelerated development of language, literacy and content knowledge

Explorations: The Intervention Solution provides effective small group instruction for students who are struggling in reading. This intervention aims to provide students with explicit instruction in metacognitive reading strategies as they build content knowledge from  topic based units using STEM and Social Studies Topics

The program uses a research-based Assessment, Teaching and Learning Cycle that provides materials and a structured routine for:

  • Scaffolding students to read increasingly complex text
  • Building discipline  knowledge using leveled text
  • Extending learning with activities for vocabulary development and  further topic investigation

Exploration The Intervention Solution meets the needs of diverse learners by providing:

  • 30 complete developmental Topic Units that focus on one of six comprehension strategies—Making Connections, Monitoring and Clarifying, Predicting and Inferring, Questioning, Summarizing, Visualizing.
  • 5 Developmentally leveled instructional sets  ranging in readability levels from 2nd to 5th grade (Guided Reading Levels K through Y)
  • Getting Started Guide for teacher support
  • Pacing Guides with flexible time tables for implementation support
  • Content posters for modeling and introducing unit concepts
  • Short complex informational texts linked by concept
  • Full-length texts for independent reading and extending content knowledge
  • Explicit lesson plans that meets rigorous new standards
  • Collaborative Activities to support, motivate and engage students
  • Assessments for progress monitoring
  • Digital access to all instructional resources